The Tower of London

The Tower of London, that formidable symbol of England's national heritage, served as a royal residence as well as a prison in the medieval period. The monarch traditionally spent the night at the Tower prior to his or her coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. It has been the stage on which much of England's dramatic but often sad and bloody saga of royal history has been played out.

The Tower of London
The Tower of London
in the Middle Ages
The Tower in the
Tudor Era
The Tower in the
Stuart Era
The Recent History
of the Tower
The Crown Jewels Colonel Blood and the
theft of the Crown Jewels
The Bloody Tower The White Tower
The Chapel of St. John,
White Tower
The Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula
and Tower Green
The Medieval Palace The Beauchamp Tower
Battle of Brunanburh The Byward Tower The Queen's House The Bowyer Tower
The Bell Tower Traitor's Gate The Salt Tower The Devereux Tower